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Diversity and Inclusion

The Civil Service is committed to becoming the most inclusive employer in the UK, and the Department for Transport wants to lead the way in this commitment.

We are dedicated to understanding, respecting and representing as broad a range of views and backgrounds as we have in UK society. We know that diverse perspectives and experiences are critical to an effective, modern Civil Service.

Our vision is to ensure the Civil Service represents modern Britain and is a truly inclusive employer – an example to other employers. We will create an organisation where diversity is not only respected and valued – but celebrated.

We want to maximise the potential of everyone who chooses to work for us – regardless of background. If you’re interested in becoming a world class leader, developing your career with us – starting with this interesting and challenging role – or doing things differently and inspiring colleagues, then the Civil Service is the place for you.

Our passion for diversity and equality means creating a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful, engaging, and enriched with opportunities for personal and professional development. This is why we have a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy with an Action Plan to deliver it. The death of George Floyd in the US and the issues that have been so clearly articulated through Black Lives Matter, show us that we need to go further and faster in tackling racial inequalities and as a result we now have a Race Action Plan to address these very specific issues. That being said, we are aware that just publishing an action plan is only the start, but will not be enough on its own. Success and real change requires sustained, active leadership on the part of us all and we expect to see this reflected in all those who join us.

We’re a modern, inclusive, high-performing employer. Flexible working is helping us become the organisation we need to be. It’s about giving our people the opportunity to be adaptable and embrace new ways of working to improve our productivity and performance – making DfT a great place to work.

To ensure that everyone is able to be fully included we have an inhouse workplace adjustments team who will work with disabled staff and their managers to ensure their accessibility needs are met. In line with the rest of the civil service we operate a disability and a carers’ passport, to ensure that your workplace adjustments travel with you as your career changes.

We encourage home working and offer flexible working hours, including job shares and part time opportunities.

If you would like to know more about our Diversity and Inclusion plans then please click here